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For many years, the attraction and retention of customers was an effort undertaken with multiple tools. With the evolution of technology, that methodology has changed, with businesses adopting disruptive technology as part of their overall business strategy. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools have since emerged as the way to create real customer engagement while driving sales, with sales conversion rates increasing by almost 300% as a result.

Business value propositions and enhancements are on-going as the fourth industrial revolution changes the way businesses operate, so where is CRM headed in 2019?

  • Advances in cloud technology have seen more service providers emerge in the market and this will continue in 2019;
  • CRM solutions will become more tailor-made for specific industry verticals;
  • CRM solutions will live more in the cloud rather than an installed software programme;
  • CRM trends will include automation and Artificial Intelligence offering more customer segmentation and personalisation;
  • Improved data analysis will provide real-time insights, providing the right messaging to customers at exactly the right time;
  • An enhanced CRM system will ensure company-wide collaboration and information sharing, which optimises productivity; and
  • CRM will offer seamless social integration, with the ability to engage in authentic dialogue with customers via social media.

Ultimately, where CRM is headed in 2019, is the additional value-add to customers, providing more meaningful and authentic engagement. Customer experience will always override product and price, and this becomes a key brand differentiator. CRM is the way to drive business scalability, in a highly competitive environment.

Agile businesses recognise the importance of partnering with the right service provider. As expert CRM consultants, Meritus Business Solutions provide services and products which are designed to create business agility.

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