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We are proud Bpm’online partners in New York and Surrounds

Bpm'online software applications

We are very proud to announce our partnership with Bpm’online to provide unified Business Process Management solutions in New York City (NYC) and other territories such as New Jersey (NJ) and Pennsylvania (PA).

Bpm’online offers a unique synergy of an intelligent BPM platform with a unified CRM – coupled with an extensive marketplace of apps and templates.

Bpm’online unified marketing, sales, and service platform offers companies:

  • Multichannel marketing software to orchestrate customer journeys and accelerate lead-to-revenue
  • Sales automation software to accelerate the complete sales cycle — from lead to repeat sales
  • Intelligent service management software to accelerate service delivery and customer delight
  • Bpm’online comprehensive and full-fledge applications can be deployed as standalone products, or as a bundle on a single CRM platform
  • Operates in either a Cloud environment or can be hosted onsite within local customer infrastructure

A North-American footprint for Service Delivery and Integration

Our North-American footprint allows for rapid deployment of bpm’online marketing, sales and/or service platforms throughout the following regions or cities:

  • New York (NY)
  • New York City (NYC)
  • New Jersey (NJ)
  • Pennsylvania (PA)

Bpm’online products include out-of-the-box processes to manage the complete customer journey – from lead to order, and then ongoing account maintenance. Bpm’online is well known in the marketplace for merging CRM and BPM technologies.

If you are looking for bpm’online in New York City, New Jersey or Pennsylvania or throughout the tri-state area, please get in touch with us today for comprehensive and friendly advice from one of our representatives. Please send an e-mail enquiry to information@ or browse through our website for more information on our suite of business solutions –

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