How to leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Why you should be using LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your business

LinkedIn is an incredible driver for business and lead generation. The platform is the world’s largest professional network and an effective platform for high-quality leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator (LSN) allows you and your team to tap into the powerhouse that is LinkedIn directly from your CRM and ERP suite – Dynamics 365. According to LinkedIn, LSN is the top sales intelligence provider by revenue and drives 35% larger deals!

Is your business taking advantage of these incredible opportunities?

More about LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium tool that helps sales professionals and marketers connect with the right prospects easier. The tool allows you to find and connect with people who are not yet your customer but could become one.

“Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 will dramatically increase the effectiveness of salespeople by tapping into their professional networks and relationships, giving them the ability to improve their pipeline,” writes Scott Guthrie, Microsoft’s executive vice-president for the Cloud and AI Group.

By combining this tool and Dynamics 365, you can identify your target audience from a database of more than 800 million users and create a list of interested parties from one convenient place. From there, it is quite simple – Use your list to reach out, engage, and convert them into customers.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365

LSN and Dynamics 365 integrate primarily on the account and opportunity record and links with the contacts and businesses you want to track.

Let us consider an example.

  1. Jill has been identified as a potential customer through LSN.
  2. You have her details (icebreakers and contact), and you can contact her on LinkedIn through Microsoft
  3. If you do not want to reach out via cold calling or email, the seamless integration between LSN, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 allows you to see an existing connection between your colleague, Jack, and Jill.
  4. Now you can ask Jack to introduce you to Jill or join the sales call and significantly increase your chances of making the sale.

You can even see related leads and companies, all from Dynamics 365. There is no duplication of work or data, just seamless relationship sales.

At a glance – you can start with the organizational chart:

Leverage Sales Navigator to identify who knows whom:

Take advantage of your network to get introduced:

Access your LinkedIn InMail from Dynamics 365:

Getting started with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365

Having these powerful sales tools at your disposal offers many benefits, including:

  • Easily connecting with potential customers – LSN allows you to search for leads, make calls, send messages, and schedule meetings from one convenient place, leading to increased productivity. You can also personalize how you connect with potential prospects, increasing response rates.
  • Saving precious time – Because you can use LSN directly from Microsoft Dynamics and access the correct information, you can quickly and efficiently prospect and qualify leads and synchronize data – saving you time and money.
  • Growing your business with the right customers – More leads equal more sales, and more sales equal more growth. Thanks to LSN and Dynamics, you can get your business into a growth cycle with rich and validated contacts and leads.

LSN and Dynamics 365 are better together. Contact Meritus Business Solutions today to experience the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365.