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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems allow for easy and central storage of sales data, allowing managers to monitor sales processes and staff performance. This helps to optimize selling, allowing managers to contemplate how CRM can increase sales. Some of the biggest challenges managers face relates to lead generation and how to prioritize sales activities.

Five ways CRM increases sales

  1. CRM personalizes interactions with customers

    Customers demand service excellence, and in order to win customers over, the message your business needs to convey is that customers are more than just numbers. With a CRM system, specific customer data is stored, allowing for more personal interactions and therefore, more sales, according to the customer’s specific product requirements.

  2. CRM helps segment data.

    Sales team members can quickly identify valuable sales opportunities based on customer-specific criteria. By segmenting the data, a CRM system makes this process seamless and can offer targeted promotions to customers.

  3. CRM helps organizations understand their customers’ needs.

    Customer-related data is stored in CRM, allowing sales team members to pre-emptively address customer problems at the right time.

  4. CRM reduces admin-related tasks.

    Many administrative tasks take up valuable time. CRM automates these tasks so sales associates can spend time doing more meaningful work towards closing deals.

  5. Sales data and information is easily shared.

    With CRM, the entire sales team works collaboratively, sharing vital information which improves performance and ultimately leads to more won sales deals. Additionally, cross-collaboration between sales and marketing creates opportunities for upsells or cross-sales.

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