One platform to automate banking workflows, the no-code way

Creatio Banking Solution, a no-code BPM and CRM solution for banks

Nearly everyone is linked to a financial system. Banks are integral to the functioning of civilization as we know it because money makes the world go around.

But do you know what makes banks thrive, and grow, even in uncertain times? Proper business process automation (BPM) and effective CRM. These are the key to banks attracting, pleasing, and ultimately retaining their customer base.

Bespoke BPM and CRM solutions are costly and time-intensive investments. This is why the advent of no-code programming that allows nearly anyone – banks included – to build their own solutions is such a revolution.

Enter Studio Creatio

Creatio’s Banking Solution

Creatio’s banking solution is one of the world’s top no-code platforms, and it offers BPM and CRM software designed with banking in mind. It allows retail and business banks to build a seamless customer journey while also streamlining front- and middle-office workflows without anyone writing a line of code.

The banking solution is purpose built for enterprise level digital transformation solving workflow automation across the organization:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Front-Office
  • Lending
  • Underwriting and Verification
  • Customer Experience
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Services

Banking Automation Workflow Map:


Everything to do with customer engagement is on offer, whether criteria-based segmentation, personalized offers, campaigns, loyalty programs, or event management. For every marketing need, Creatio can build a solution to fill it.


Boost conversions by tracking and capturing leads and automatically verifying data. Manage opportunities, develop strategies for every client, cross- and up-sell, and empower sales staff with distraction-proof digital tools for increased productivity.


Creatio provides a 360-degree view of each customer and prospect, giving you the information needed to effectively meet and manage your customers’ needs.


Manage the lending process from start to finish, from the application process, creating lending terms, to ongoing loan pipeline monitoring. And for debt collection, Creatio has processes that can handle this automatically as well.

Underwriting and Verification

Underwriters do their best work when armed with statistics and data, and Creatio puts everything they need at their fingertips. This includes deep analytics for approving, postponing and rejecting applications and changing the final financing terms. There are even automated workflows for reviews and approvals.

Customer Experience

Every customer experience inspires customer retention – or customers leaving. Creatio helps you create and manage your contact centers with in-person communications, chatbots, and digital customer consultations across all customer-facing functions. Case and dispute management are also catered for, and all customer feedback can be collected, analyzed, and managed using measurable KPIs.


Meeting compliance standards is a challenge in any industry, but with Creatio, banks can automate anti-money laundering workflows and use AI and machine learning to analyze customer behavior. It is also easy to get to know customers with the unified CRM database that includes automated data verification and other tools to help solidify customer relationships.

Corporate Services

Creatio helps you implement transparent and unified HR workflows to help you manage employees. It covers everything from hiring and onboarding to exit interviews and allows you to manage their development along their chosen career path. Handling all employee requests like vacation, travel, and expenses can also be done through Creatio, improving the overall employee experience, and boosting retention.

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