The Infor Marketing Resource Management (MRM) allows you to create better marketing plans, manage and track your digital brand assets and all your marketing activities. It is scalable and easy-to-use with comprehensive tools for digital asset, resource and project management, budget and cost tracking, creative approval processing, capacity planning, and analytics.

Whether your marketing department has one or hundreds of people, the Infor MRM will help you improve how you plan, execute, and monitor campaigns across multiple channels. Call us today to get flexibility, capacity and most importantly results.


Today’s marketers have the ultimate multi-tasking job. They have to manage an increasing number of communication channels, individual customer preferences and frequently changing consumer privacy regulations.

Now, with the Infor Omni-Channel Campaign Management, you can build great customer relationships with the right tools to plan, analyze and monitor your outbound direct marketing campaigns. Nurture your customer case and build loyalty with an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution that can be used from any device with real-time results.

Contact us today to ensure your customer experiences work for you, the way they should, by implementing the intelligent, customized Infor Omni-Channel Campaign Management for your business. We will design, develop and implement solutions to meet your needs.


Don’t just sell, sell intelligently! With the Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM, you can maximize your sales by using data science with an easily implementable solution that doesn’t need heavy integration.

Infor Sales Intelligence leverages the data you already collect such as transaction history and other customer details to support your sales force and build your business. It also drives intelligent customer interactions across many channels, and increases cross-sell revenue.

If you want to see immediate results while strengthening your customer relationships and boosting sales, contact us to get Infor Sales Intelligence.