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Are you spending thousands on applications development or trying to manage multiple IT teams to grow your business? If you are looking for an alternative solution, then low-code or no-code technologies is the answer.

Research shows that low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development by 2024. You will be able to build and manage multiple, high-quality applications for your business without the massive development costs and time delays. Now, everyone can be a developer! If you are not convinced, here are 5 benefits of low-code or no-code technology.

  1. Increased stakeholder engagement

    You can build and update your applications and share the final products with your stakeholders much sooner with low-code or no-code application development, thereby increasing stakeholder engagement.

  2. Closing the IT skills gap

    With low-code or no-code technology, everyone can be a successful developer. You do not need years of experience or knowledge of specific coding languages, and even non-technical employees can learn to build their applications.

  3. Easier and cheaper construction and deployment

    Not only can you build and deploy applications for multiple platforms with low-code and no-code technology, but you can also do it in less time at a lower cost.

  4. Easy maintenance

    You do not need multiple IT teams to make complex updates or deliver on new features. You can do it yourself with low-code or no-code technology!

  5. Increased innovation and impact

    Low-code and no-code platforms remove time-consuming and labor-intensive work, which allows your developers to focus on creating new functions or customizing existing features.

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