Land quality leads faster with 15-Second Leads by Meritus Business Solutions

Revolutionize your lead distribution with Creatio and Meritus

Imagine for a moment. A prospective customer is on your website and likes what they see. They decide to complete your ‘Contact Us’ form, and now the clock starts ticking. How long does your sales team usually take to respond to prospective customers or leads for business? Hours? Days?

Speed matters in lead distribution because customers tend to lose interest over time. When prospects contact you, they are thinking about your company now. They are thinking about buying now. Even if you’re a little slower than your competitor in reaching out to that prospect, it could mean a lost sale. Slow communication kills deals!

What is 15-Second Leads?

15-Second Leads, developed by Meritus Business Solutions for Creatio, helps you communicate with prospective customers within a critical timeframe to significantly increase the chance of generating new business. You can now contact prospects within seconds of receiving their contact form. 15-Second Leads is one of the best lead distribution software available today.

1. Configure the prebuilt lead routing process

2. Salesforce receives lead in 15 seconds or less via text, email and system notification

How to use 15-Second leads

1. Implement the Landing Page feature of Creatio Marketing to capture prospect information from your website’s contact page.

2. Copy JavaScript generated by Creatio into the web page and map the prospect fields to be processed.

3. Connect Creatio to APIs provided by prospects to interact with your CRM etc.

4. Create a Creatio Low Code business process to exchange information with your business systems and communicate with your business resources.

5. Configure dashboards to measure the progress of the contact page prospects.

When a prospect clicks ‘Submit’, the system automatically pushes the lead into Creatio, which triggers the business process that informs the sales rep that a lead just came in via email, text, or both. It is automated lead distribution at its finest.

Why 15-Second Leads?

Research shows that the ideal lead response time is five minutes or less. Imagine how far ahead of the competition you’ll be if you can respond to leads for business in seconds! 15-Second Leads also offers the following benefits:

Contact-ready information for faster response times

Your sales reps receive the prospect’s information formatted so they can click on the phone number and call the prospect within seconds. The software will even scan to see if the prospect is a known person and include that information for the sales rep.

Analytics and data

The software provides in-depth analytics on which reps received which leads, their success rate, etc. This helps businesses make informed decisions regarding their sales staff and lead distribution.

Automated lead distribution

Once the code and process are set up, the lead distribution software takes over, and your team can focus their energy where it matters – converting leads and making sales.

15-Second Leads will be available in the Creatio Marketplace in October 2022. Click here for a demo of 15-Second Leads for Creatio developed by Meritus Business Solutions. Or you can contact Meritus Business Solutions today for more information and help to take your lead distribution to the next level.